Customer Service Quiz

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Customer Service Quiz – Overview of the manual 


  1. What is the objective of a call center agent?
  2. What tools must a call center agent have or access to perform their duties?
  3. What are the four core values of Union? Integrity, passion, teamwork, and trust
  4. What are three requests a customer might have for calling the UniUni call center?
  5. What time frame is given to a customer when they ask the driver to try delivering a parcel again immediately?
  6. What three steps need to occur before an agent can book a Second delivery?
  7. After booking a second delivery, what must the call center agent perform immediately after speaking with the customer?
  8. When do we send an LPC (Lost parcel certificate) to a customer? Give two examples?
  9. What does not qualify for an LPC? Give 1 example?
  10. When do we allow customers to return the parcel to the warehouse?
  11. Who do we forward complaints about couriers via telephone to?
  12. Name the seven soft skills that every Agent should possess and work on daily?
  13. When using the dispatch center (Uni map), there are a few ways to find a customer tracking number. Which icon would you select when trying to locate the tracking number using their first and last name?
  14. Which icon would we select when we have the tracking number but would like to confirm the address or update the customer's information?
  15. What does it mean when the parcel's status is updated to 199: GATEWAY TRANSIT?

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