Customer requests POD (Proof of Delivery)

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Requesting a Proof of Delivery


When the parcel is delivered, and the courier driver has uploaded their proof of delivery pictures to the app, the customer may request a POD (Proof of Delivery) email to reference where the parcel was left or their records. This email will entail the tracking number, the parcel's item description, and two photos of the delivery location (pictured below). If the package shows delivered, and there are no pictures uploaded or a blank upload, message the local branch agent to verify a better quality delivery photo. They may also remind the driver to upload the proof of delivery photos to the tracking number. 

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When the customer requests an email with the proof of delivery pictures, verify the customer’s tracking number(s) and email, and verify the item description and delivery date to ensure that we are sending the correct POD email to the customer. 

Once you have all the verified information from the customer, create a DingTalk message in the corresponding East or West Coast group chats requesting a POD email to be sent to the customer. Tag the Call Centre Team Leader or branch agent. 

The customer may reach out to UniUni again after receiving the POD email to state that they have not received their parcel(s). At this point, you will have to verify if the customer qualifies to receive a Lost/Missing Parcel Letter. 

If the parcel status reflects   "SCANNED_PARCEL_MISSING," or it's been more than ten days after the parcel is either in "PARCEL_SCANNED" or "IN_TRANSIT" status. We will send a Lost/Missing Parcel letter immediately when requested by the customer, or we will verify that the parcel is lost or missing. 

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