Setting and booking a Second Delivery

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Setting a Second Delivery


The most common request from customers is to set a Second Delivery for their parcels. A first delivery attempt may have failed due to the customer not being home. We had an incomplete or incorrect address. The driver tried to call but got no response, the customer was at work, or there was no lobby mailroom or concierge available to leave the parcel.

Setting a Second Delivery is a very recurrent and easy procedure. The steps you need to follow are:

  • Check the order status. Qualified statuses for a second delivery include RETURN_OFFICE_FROM_TRANSIT and STORAGE_30_DAYS_FROM_OFFICE.
  • DO NOT book a Second Delivery for parcels in the status of STORAGE_3RDPARTY_SERVICE_POINT. They will have to come back to the UniUni warehouse first. 
  • Verify vital information for a Second Delivery (Destination City, Address, phone number, unit#, and buzzer)


All address changes and updates are made through the seller/shipper to protect the customer's privacy. We are unable to update the customer’s address. We can, however, add a buzzer code or a unit number if the customer has verified the current mailing address. 

If the customer’s parcel is in STORAGE_3RDPARTY_SERVICE_POINT status, verify for the customer the third-party location. All branch agents will update the address, phone number, and operating hours of all 3rd party service pickup points within the THIRD-PARTY SN section within the tracking status page's tracking page. You can also check the door tag picture that the courier uploaded to the app after their first failed delivery attempt. 

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This picture is from the Vancouver branch, which warehouse is at 3728 North Fraser Way, Burnaby, BC. As you can see, the pickup address is different from the primary warehouse location.


Updating the West or East Coast 2nd Delivery Google Docs


When you have verified all the customer’s information and checked that the parcel is available for a Second Delivery, copy the tracking number and add it to the proper Google sheet (West or East Coast Second Delivery) column on the Excel file with the date of request. 

You will enter the date of the request, the tracking number, and any second delivery notes that the customer may have, including notes of a buzzer code, unit number, new phone number, etc. 

West Coast (WC) Second Delivery. 



Description automatically generatedEach second delivery sheet has additional tabs located at the bottom of each sheet for the city of your request. You can request a second delivery only in the cities and surrounding areas of Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, and Winnipeg.


East Coast (EC) Second Delivery Sheet


Each sheet has tabs located at the bottom for each city in Canada's west or east coast portion. 

Each second delivery sheet has additional tabs located at the bottom of each sheet for the city of your request. You can request a second delivery only in the cities and surrounding areas of Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Halifax.


The Branch Agents in the respective city will schedule and update the Google sheet with important information after the second delivery is scheduled or confirmed as missing.

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