Tracking Status Definitions

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Tracking Status Definitions 




The parcel has been assigned to UniUni from the originating logistics company.  The parcel is assigned a unique UniUni tracking number. 



When the customer’s shipment arrives in Canada and arrives at the Canadian Customs warehouse, the parcel's tracking number assigned to the package is updated with a new tracking status that the shipment has arrived within Canada. Under normal circumstances, most shipments will move from this status to CUSTOM_RELEASE_DIRECT within 24 hours. 



When a parcel is under this status, it means that it has arrived in Canada but is currently under review by Canadian Customs. The usual timeframe for Customs to release a shipment is 24-48 hours if all documents support the load. 

If the customer's parcel is beyond 48 hours, Canadian Customs may be reviewing the shipment and may have reached out to the original Shipper to attain additional information. There are many possibilities as to why the load is experiencing a more than average delay.

  • It is a high traffic time, and customs may take a little longer than usual.
  • Some paperwork is missing, and they need to verify with the merchant.
  • It could simply be that they have not reviewed the item yet.
  • If a parcel has been there for more than two months, it is considered lost, and the customer should contact the merchant. The Lost Parcel Certificate does not apply to this situation since UniUni did not lose the product.


However, UniUni is not made aware of such delays in these instances. Advise the customer to reach out to the shipper/seller to verify the status as Canadian Customs may have updated them.




This status means that the parcel is on its way from the Canadian Customs holding center to the UniUni main sorting center located in Burnaby, BC. The expected timeline for a shipment to move from GATEWAY to PARCEL SCANNED is 48-72 hours and is dependent on the destination city. Advise the customer that some parcels may experience a delay in arriving at the main sorting warehouse in Burnaby due to unforeseeable circumstances. If a customer wants an ETA for a "GATEWAY_TRANSIT," please let them know that we cannot provide an estimated time frame until the parcel reaches the local warehouse of the city for delivery. 



At this status, the parcel has reached the destination city of delivery. After getting to the sorting center for the destination city, most packages will be sorted, assigned, and delivered within two business from the date the parcel arrived and is in parcel_scanned status. 




The parcel is set for delivery with the courier and delivered within 48 hours. 




When the parcel is delivered, you may scroll to the bottom of the tracking status to verify the POD (Proof of Delivery) pictures that the courier uploaded to the app to verify that the delivery was successful. 


As listed below, not all deliveries will be completed successfully in some instances. Below are additional tracking statuses that you may see when verifying the customer's parcel. 


At times UniUni will have to send received parcels via Canada Post, FedEx or UPS and in the event we do you will see this tag on the tracking number. If you scroll down to the Other Info, you will see in the feild for Third Party SN a secondary tracking number for the third party service we used. 




When the parcel is in this status, the courier driver attempted delivery and could not determine the correct address. Suppose the customer is calling in about the quality of their delivery. In that case, they will need to contact their seller/shipper to have the address updated due to Privacy Laws and Regulations. The parcel will remain in storage at the UniUni warehouse for 30 days before it's destroyed/returned to the Shipper at their request. 




The parcel is out for delivery, and after a delivery attempt, the package will be returned to the warehouse and stored or possibly booked for a second delivery. We cannot provide an estimated time for delivery or book a second delivery until the courier returns the parcel to the warehouse. The parcel return can take up to two days to reflect in our system. 




After a failed delivery attempt, the courier will return the parcel to the warehouse. The package is at the warehouse for 30 days from the return date. The customer must collect the property before the 30 days, or the parcel will either be destroyed at the sender’s request or returned to the Shipper. We can also book a second delivery for the package if the customer cannot visit the warehouse for a self-pickup.


The tracking number will be labelled when confirmed by warehouse staff that the parcel is in fact missing. 


The status of a parcel will change to second delivery when the first delivery attempt changes. Scroll to Other Info to retrieve the Second Delivery Tracking Number which is in a all numerical format. 




The parcel has been dropped off by a UniUni courier at a designated third-party service point pick up. You will notice these in larger cities and offer our customers more convenient pickup locations. If the customer cannot pick it up from this location, the parcel is held at the 3rd party for ten days and returned to the UniUni warehouse. Only at the UniUni warehouse can we schedule a second delivery.


The status of a parcel will changed to failed delivery when the courier has attempted delivery and was unable to connect with the consignee. 

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