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Dispatch Centre (UniMap) 


All UniUni employees internally use the Dispatch Centre (UniMap) app. The Call Centre uses this app to verify the customer’s personal information, parcel status or lodge a complaint.

Searching for Tracking Numbers


Searching for orders in the UniMap system is a necessary procedure that you need to follow to help UniUni customers. Finding orders by either the phone number, tracking number, or customer's name is a core ability for a UniUni CSR Agent.

The suggested workflow should be:

  • Search by phone number (since we have had it available since the call starts).
  • Search through the tracking number that the customer has.
  • Search through either first OR last name (just type one in the UniMap system).

Searching by Phone Number


Once you have the Dispatch Centre app open, you will have options to select from on the left-hand side of the app. Select the “Advanced Search” option. 

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From the drop-down menu, you will be able to select which format you would like to use to search for the customer's parcel. Customer Service Representatives will primarily use the options of Tracking, Phone, First name or Last name (or both), and the address. Select the phone number in this instance and enter the phone number with the format of +1 (3-digit area code) and (7-digit phone number); when entered will appear as +14034441111. Most customers will share the phone number without the +1 in front, and you will see that if you are missing the +1, it will provide an error code. 

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Searching by Tracking Number


Now we will learn how to search for an order through the customer’s tracking number.

Tracking number formats available through UniUni

  • UNIAS-10 digits-YQ. (UNIAS12345678910YQ)
  • AQ-9 digits-CN (AQ123456789CN)
  • 202**. (A full tracking number in number only format)
  • JY-3 digits-(alphabet number) 12 digits (JY123D123456789101112)
  • UNPB 
  • AXB

Search the tracking numbers in the following formats of UNIAS or AQ-CN; best results are within the “Edit Order” option and the "202xx" format; select from the drop-down and use the "UNI" option.

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Searching by Customer’s Name


This one should be the last resource while trying to find an order. If you search through customers' names, the system will recognize ONLY ONE NAME. If you use a full name, like "Jerry Smith," then you will be getting both results as if you would have searched "Jerry" and "Smith" individually.

The issue with this option is that if you even use an uncommon last name for a primarily English and French-speaking country, you will get plenty of results when you search for your customer. This picture shows the results for "Castillo," a Spanish last name. It offers 1593 by March 1st.

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You should be able to find your customer by checking each page manually, and you can sort the searching options alphabetically by clicking on "Name." 

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You can find your customer thereby either using A-Z or Z-A sorting options.


A Customer Provided a Different Tracking Number Format


During some calls, few customers will have a tracking number for their orders which is not the usual “UNIAS/AQ” or “202xx” tracking format. Some of them will have the “DYxx or JYxx" number format, which our system recognizes, but others will not have any result. 

Some of them will be on “YQxx," "Txx," and "VKxx" number formats. If you have one of these cases, follow the following steps:

  • Use an alternate website to find the order:
  • Get enough information is possible and retrieve UNIAS/AQ tracking number to search in our system.
  • Inform customers about their parcel situation.
  • If you don’t get any valid tracking number for our system, advise the customer that they should double-check the information received from the seller. 

Using to look up tracking information


Here is one example of a YT tracking number: YT2201721272163530. We will use” ParcelsApp” as an example of getting the correct tracking number for our system format.

First, enter the tracking number in the format provided by the customer. In this case, it’s the YT format, and then press Enter or click on “Track Package.” Sometimes, you will need to refresh ParcelsApp to get the result.


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Creating a Incident Management Ticket (UniMap) 

At times, you will be required to document a complaint, concern or inquiry into the Incident Management ticketing system. 

On the right hand of the main menu you will see three tabs. Menu, Tools, and Mgmt. Please select Mgmt. to access the Incident Management Tool.

Once you enter the tab, select Create New to create a new Incident Management Ticket. 

When will you create an Incident Management Ticket: 

  1. Refunds
  2. Driver complaints
  3. Branch staff complaints
  4. Parcels delivered with damage

You will fill out each field that is required: Tracking Number, Start From (Email, phone, etc) and the Incident Type that you are filing. In the notes section you will enter any important details that the Station Manager of the branch is required to know about the issue. Be as clear and precise as you can. Ensure that the tracking number of the customer has all the correct information such as address and contact information. 

Select "Create Investigation" and you are complete. From this stage the ticket is then sent to the Branch for further review. 

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