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  Welcome to the UniUni Team!

UniUni is headquartered in Richmond, BC, UniUni ( is one of Canada’s leading providers of e-commerce delivery solutions. UniUni has enjoyed explosive growth since 2019 by delivering for such global giants as Wish, Shein, AliExpress and others. UniUni continues to expand its global e-commerce deliveries to Canadian homes and businesses, while also developing partnerships with local brands and other logistics companies with last mile needs. UniUni provides next day delivery service to over 80 Canadian cities and delivers over 50,000 packages a day across Canada by using digital technology and an innovative crowd-source model to provide unmatched value and efficiency. 

Here at UniUni, we take tremendous pride in our deliveries and our 5-star Customer Service. We expect our customers to be treated with kindness and genuine concern when they have an inquiry about their parcel. 

UniUni Customer Service Standard


At UniUni, we are proud of our exceptional customer service and team. To be successful in our industry, we must maintain high-quality customer service standards that are unbeatable. Below are some soft skills that every call center agent should possess and continue to work on daily.

Clear and concise communications with customers

Excellent communication skills are an essential component of your customer service career at UniUni. You will want to understand what the customer's needs are and be able to articulate clearly with the customer during every interaction. Always be mindful of your tone, enunciate clearly, speak loudly enough, and always have an upbeat tone to help communicate clearly and positively with our customers. 


Actively listen to each customer.

When you are taking a phone call with a customer of UniUni, you will want to ensure that you are paying attention to why the customer is calling. Actively show the customer that you are listening to their phone call. Repeat back what they are requesting and give identifying phrases that you follow along with the conversation with such terms as "I see," "I understand ." You will want to show the customer that you listen intently and help them. You will gather the necessary information required during the phone call and respond appropriately to the customer's request. 


We are to maintain a positive attitude.

Maintaining a positive attitude while on the phone is essential to handling each call successfully. Most callers are calling in as they see issues with their delivery. To expect a frustrated and unhappy customer will help alleviate the stress of what to expect. Our customers' feedback and inquiries are to be handled with importance and followed up on quickly and in a timely fashion. If you find yourself in a negative mood, please disconnect from your phone for 5 minutes and take a breather. 


Dealing with conflict resolution

When dealing with a disgruntled customer, it is always wise to remain calm and avoid getting upset or frustrated. You will want to validate your customer's frustrations by following up with their statements. An "I understand how you feel" or "I can understand that" will build trust and confidence with your customer and provide them the ease that you can solve the customer issue. Never take the customer's point and personalize it; our job as the call center agent is to provide solutions to the problem, even if we do not have a solution ready to deploy. Advising our customer's that you will do what it takes to find the answers they are looking for will help the conversation. Try and offer an apology if the situation fits and assure them that you are here to assist them. 


Using Empathy 

Show empathy with your customer is a great way to build trust. Be a good listener when you are in conversation with your customer and try and repeat what the customer states back to them to ensure that you understand their issue. Always carry a smile during your discussions; this will ease your tone and provide a friendly, safe environment for the conversation. Allow your customer to "get it all out" and try not to interrupt them while they speak. However, softly direct the customer to solve the issue, rather than rant about it. Remain respectful and try to see the customer's experience through their eyes and understand their priorities and why they are upset. Showing that you care can bridge a disgruntled customer into a calmer one once they feel heard and satisfied that they are speaking to an agent ready to assist them.  


Paying attention to details

When interacting with your customers and colleagues, attention to detail is vital to practice. We do not want to communicate misinformation, which impacts customer service quality. We can cause a time delay in resolution if we are not paying attention. Attention to detail demonstrates the competence of UniUni and its customer service representatives. It reflects the company's attitude of care and a commitment to meet every need a customer puts forth. 



Here at UniUni, being a part of our team, whether you are in Canada working at the headquarters, in a warehouse, are a courier, or are a call center agent. We all work to build our company to be one of the most robust customer service-focused companies in our industry. We set clear goals to achieve and strive to improve our performance, from the management team to our couriers. We ensure that we are transparent when dealing with our customers with every delivery performed.

Our team focuses on performing optimally every day. You have the space to share opinions, thoughts, and new ideas. If you see an area of improvement and believe you have an idea of how to improve a system, a procedure, or policy. Share it with your team leader; we will always accept new ideas that create positive changes in our workflow. 

Lastly, working with your UniUni team is a commitment to yourself and your team that you are showing up every day ready to work, share the same positive attitudes and help as many customers as you can every day. We are here to work and grow together.


Have fun in your new career with UniUni. We are honored to be working with you!


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